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VG EcoFuel

Sustainable Waste Based Bio Oils Made In Finland

VG EcoFuel Ltd. produces environmentally sustainable and climate-friendly bio oils. VG EcoFuel is produced of bio and recycled oils. VG EcoFuel is raw material for technical oils, (such as lubricants, mold oils, chainsaw oils, hydraulic oils) and for bio diesel. We also produce biofuel for marine use.

Bio fuels are often considered of being ethically debatable, as rain forests are exterminated in order to cultivate commodities needed for the production, and these commodities are also competing with foodstuff in terms of land acreage. The commodities of VG EcoFuel are completely derived from industrial side streams and recycled materials. We exploit side streams of foodstuff industry, such as crude fish oil, in our production, along with already once utilized vegetable oils. For these reasons we guarantee 60-97% higher greenhouse gas saving potential for VG EcoFuel compared to fossil fuels. Our production is audited by DNV GL and has a sustainability system certificate.

Why VG EcoFuel?

VG EcoFuel is a sustainable choice for replacing virgin bio oils. We use 100% recycled or waste based raw materials.

  • Purified Used Cooking oil (UCO)
  • Crude fish oil from fish industry side streams
  • Oils can be supplied separately or as a blend
  • Raw materials are sourced in the Nordic Region
  • Produced in South West Finland
  • Not competing against food production

Our bio oil production plant in Uusikaupunki is part of a closed circulation concept, which grants considerable advantages. For example the process energy is produced by a biogas plant and the side streams from the oil production are supplied to the biogas plant, where they are reproduced to biogas and nutrients for agriculture.

For further information please contact

Jussi Mälkiä
tel. +358 400 785 489