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Used cooking oils

Recycling your oils with us is combatting climate change in a concrete way!

Recycle used cooking oils easily and free of charge

We collect used cooking oils from restaurants all over Finland, and further process them at our facility. We have made our recycling system as easy as possible for users and the service is completely free of charge.

We have collection points are at the wholesalers, where you can return the used oil to the point of purchase in the purchase package.

We can also deliver a container directly to your restaurant if large quantities of used cooking oils are generated. When the container is full, we will pick it up and replace it with an empty container. Having VG-EcoFuel’s container at the restaurant saves you time and effort and is also free of charge.

By recycling your oils with us, you are involved in combatting climate change in a concrete way!

Order your own oil recycling container today!

We collect also used coffee grounds from restaurants!


Tel. +358 40 612 6667 (requests for emptying via SMS or WhatsApp)